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Angel Baby Cardigan, Pattern #117

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

A lovely little cardigan that can not be missing in your little one's wardrobe. Central photo: Cardi knitted with perlé 5 and 2.25 mm needles in beige with matching booties.

It is also the ideal complement for the coldest days, with matching booties to keep those little feet warm.

First and third photos: Gray blue outfit knitted in thicker baby wool with 3 mm needles.

ATTENTION: You can download the printable PDF files and have direct access to the pattern without having to be connected online. My patterns are very easy to follow and include instructions, diagrams and booklets with detailed indications of the stitches to knit on each row. You'll see how they make your work easier!

Access the instructions to knit the beige cardigan size 0-3 months here.
Access the instructions to knit the blue cardigan and booties for sizes 0-2, 2-4, and 4-6 months here.

Below you can find the instructions for knitting the beige jacket. Please leave your comments or questions at the end of the blog. I will try to address these promptly. And don't forget to click on the little "heart" if you like the pattern. Thank you!

Size: 0-3 months


Yarn: 50 gr. mercerized cotton, in beige.

Knitting needles: Size 2.5 mm

Buttons: 4 small buttons, color beige

Stitches Used

  • Garter stitch

  • Mock Cable motif


Using size 2.5 mm needles and working in Garter stitch 18 stitches and 34 rows = 5x5 cm square.

Explanation of Stitches

Garter stitch

Knit all stitches and all rows.

Punto ojo perdiz

Stitches for Mock Cable design
Mock Cable chart


Yarn over, knit 2 stitches together.



cm = centimeters

gr = grams

mm = millimeters

st = stitch

sts = stitches.




Start from the lower back side.

Cast on 83 sts and work 14 rows in Mock Cable motif, starting from row 3 of the design. The first and last stitches of every row are not part of the design and should always be knitted.

Change to Garter stitch and work until you reach 5.5 cm total length.

Armhole: Bind (cast) off 5 sts from each edge to form the armhole (=73 sts). Continue working on Garter stitch until you reach 13 cm total length.

Neckline: Bind off 23 center sts to form the neckline (=25 sts on each side). Work each side separately.


Shoulder: After binding the center stitches, work back the wrong-side row in Garter stitch.

Start the right front by working with the following distribution, making 13 x 1 st increases on the right-side rows starting on row 9, 8 sts from the edge (=43 sts).

  • 4 sts in Garter stitch (border),

  • 4 sts in Mock Cable motif,

  • 1 increase (when applicable);

  • remainder stitches in Garter stitch.

At the height of the back armhole, cast on 5 sts on the outer edge (opposite to the neckline).

Change to Mock Cable motif to match where the Mock Cable motif begins on the back side, starting with row 3 of the design.

Work 14 rows and bind off all stitches.


Work symmetrically to the right front but making 14 x 1 st increases (=44 sts), and 4 buttonholes evenly distributed.


Cast on 47 sts and work 14 rows in Mock Cable motif starting with row 3 of the design.

Change to Garter stitch and work until total length is 16 cm, making 6 increases on both edges, 1 stitch from each edge, starting on row 21 and 6 rows apart (=59 sts).

Bind off all stitches.

Work the other sleeve the same way.


Sew the sleeves to the body.

Sew side and sleeve seams.

Sew the buttons.

Download the knitting pattern for beige cotton cardi, row-by-row stitches and charts here.

Download the knitting pattern for blue cardi and booties, sizes 0-6 months, row-by-row stitches and charts here.

Thank you, and enjoy the knitting projects!


James baby booties knitting patterns.

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