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Do you suffer from the second sock syndrome?

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

How many of you start knitting the first baby bootie with excitement, eager to finish it to see the result but when it comes to starting the pair it becomes incredibly daunting. If you are like me, you suffer from second sock syndrome (SSS).

And it doesn’t only happen with booties; it's the same for the second sleeve of a sweater, the second sock, or ... any garment that is a copy of the previously knitted one. I wanted to knit some outfits for newly born twins, and you have no idea how much effort it took! When I finished a sweater, what I wanted was to start a totally different garment, and not to have to repeat the same thing.

There are many reasons why this can happen. In my case, I like to see new creations. Once I know how a garment is going to turn out, I lose motivation and start thinking about the next project. That is why I always have more than 4 or 5 different projects started at any given time. Right now, I have a baby blanket, two sweaters, a cardigan, and some booties, all half made ... and I'm already planning a new design!

I was asking knitting friends if the same thing happens to them and what they do to overcome it, and to my amazement, I discovered that I am very well accompanied! Apparently, it is more common than I imagined.

And how do all these knitters overcome this annoying problem? The advice that the vast majority gave me was: KNIT THE TWO BOOTIES AT THE SAME TIME.

So, I have decided to follow the good advice and I have started the second set of the Noel booties knitting both at the same time. Wish me luck!

Below you can find the instructions to knit the booties. Now that the holidays are coming, they are the perfect gift!

Access the printable PDF files to have direct access to the pattern without being connected online. The files include instructions, diagrams and row-by-row detailed indications of the stitches to knit. You will see how they make knitting easier!

Baby Booties

Size: 0-3 months


Booties: Worsted yarn: 25 g red and 10 g white; 4 mm (US 6) knitting needles

I-Cord: 10 g white superfine (baby) yarn; 2.5 mm (US 1.5) double point needles

Gauge: Garter stitch: 12 sts and 19 rows = 5x5 cm square.

Explanation of Stitches

Garter stitch

Knit all stitches and all rows.

1x1 Ribbing stitch

Row 1 (and all right-side rows): (Knit 1 st, purl 1 st)*

Row 2 (and wrong-side rows): Work stitches as they present themselves.

[repeat stitches inside ()*]

1x1 Twisted Ribbing stitch

Same as 1x1 Ribbing stitch but the knit stitches are worked inserting the needle through the back loop.

Eyelet stitch

In 1x1 Twisted Ribbing stitch, create little holes for the i- cord by working a yarn over every 3 stitches: (purl 1, knit 1 twisted, yarn over, knit 2 together twisted)*. [repeat stitches inside ()*]


Start by working the sole of the bootie with red yarn (or other color of your choice).

Cast on 23 stitches and work 1 row in Garter stitch.

Next, work 10 rows in Garter stitch, making increases in both edges, in all right-side rows, following the distribution below.

- Knit 2 stitches in 1 stitch (knit 1, purl 1),

- knit 10 stitches, (on each right-side row, this number will increase by 1)

- yarn over,

- knit 1 stitch, (on each right-side row, this number will increase by 2)

- yarn over,

- knit 10 stitches, (on each right-side row, this number will increase by 1)

- Knit 2 stitches in 1 stitch (knit 1, purl 1)

At the end of the 10 rows you will finish with a total of 43 sts on the needle. Work 4 rows in Garter stitch.

Start knitting the instep for the next 10 rows in 1x1 Twisted Ribbing stitch, working only on the center 11 sts and leaving on hold the first and last 16 sts. The last stitch in every row of the instep is knitted together with the first of those left on hold.

The following row work all stitches in 1x1 Twisted Ribbing stitch, including the ones on hold. Then work the wrong-side row picking up rest of the stitches on hold (=33 sts).

Continue in 1x1 Twisted Ribbing stitch for another 16 rows working an Eyelet row in the first row.

Change to white yarn and work 6 rows in 1x1 Ribbing stitch.

Bind off stitches with a blunt yarn needle.


Sew seam at back of bootie and down the sole.

I-Cord: With double pointed needles and white fine yarn, mount 3 stitches. Knit the stitches and when you reach the end of the row slip the three stitches to the other end of the needle. Knit the three stitches again. Continue in this way, sliding the stitches to the other end of the needle at the end of each row, until you have a 37 cm long cord.

Run the cord through the holes in the Eyelet row.

Work second bootie in the same way.


cm = centimeters

gr = grams

mm = millimeters

st = stitch

sts = stitches

Click on this link to access more sizes and download the PDF files with explanatory photos, details of the stitches to knit on each row, and graphics to visualize the work.

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